Blocking Wires?

I know I have been very bad with my blogging lately.  All I can say is I have been sick and so my online stuff has been suffering.  I have been knitting.  I… Continue reading

Knitting Tools & Tips

Knitting Tools & Tips The Knitting Architectby Sion Elalouf An ebook free to read, you can buy a print version if you wish. I have not had the leisure to go peruse the book yet,… Continue reading

The importance of Gauge (and how to figure out what it is exactly)

I came across this link from knitpicks this morning. They go through a good explanation of Gauge, what it is, and how to create your own Gauge Swatch. I cannot tell you forcefully enough how important… Continue reading

Cowboy Cowl

Pam Powers Knits has this neat pattern called Cowboy Cowl which I got, mainly because I got Bronchitis before the holidays (hence the reason I was really quiet)  I couldn’t find the yarn she suggested… Continue reading

Help with purchasing little things

Donate via Paypal Above is a Donate button to my paypal account. All I’m asking for is a little help in purchasing things to help keep this blog going: like gluten free cookbooks,… Continue reading

Yarn toys!

For the holidays, I got three tools to make my knitting a little easier for dyeing: a Niddy Noddy, an Amish yarn swift and a Knit Picks knitting ball winder. I found a… Continue reading

Penguin Pillow

First picture is from the pattern (which I got here: and the other three are mine, modeled on the pillow!

A humble request for donations

Click this link :) The above link is a link into my paypal account. Buying books, yarn, needles and all the other necessaries for knitting is expensive. Especially on top of buying Gluten Free products (… Continue reading

Selling some needles on ebay cheap

I have some needles I’m not using anymore, so I have posted 3 auctions on ebay with them. The first one is of some Bamboo Circular Needles, the second is of a mostly… Continue reading

Use the resources you have at hand!

I was at Jo-Ann’s the other day, and a few knitting and crochet books caught my eye. Like most everyone else, I am on a limited budget for my knitting hobby, so I… Continue reading